Attend the L.A. Premiere of Fred Ho’s Last Year at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.


2014_FF_logotype_b_horiz_v2WATCH THE LOS ANGELES PREMIERE OF
Grand Jury Finalist for Documentary Feature
Directed by Steven De Castro
Tuesday, May 6
6:45 P.M.
CGV Cinemas 2
Tickets at http://laapff.festpro.com

When faced with widespread cancer and imminent death, what is an ardent non-conformist, unconventional, uncontrollable, avant-garde, experimental composer, bandleader, baritone saxophonist, writer and activist supposed to do? Become a warrior against said cancer of course and set out, in his “final” year, to share and teach his life’s work while continuing to write books and compose and stage new works. Fred Ho is this warrior. Purveyor of what he calls Afro-Asian New American Multicultural music, Ho is a dynamo and true independent. His nearly undefineable music is an amalgam of Pan Asian, soul and what is generally considered jazz (a term Ho prefers not to use due to what he calls its derogatory genesis). His philosophical leanings are progressive and revolutionary. His fashion sense is equally idiosyncratic. In the last five years or so, Ho has suffered through various bouts of cancer leaving his insides in disarray but making his purpose even more focused and profound.

In Steven De Castro’s FRED HO’S LAST YEAR, we follow Ho’s journey through alternative medicine treatment to battle his cancer all the while continuing to perform new works, make public speaking engagements and writing and publishing new books. The immensely erudite Ho is a wonder of provocative thought. His experience with his disease has provided him with even more insight into what it means to live outside the conventional wisdom. Like his music, his discoveries are complex, thought-provoking and polarizing. De Castro allows Ho to speak eloquently and candidly on his experience as well as combining revealing and honest interviews with Ho’s closest friends and collaborators. The film also utilizes generous examples of Ho’s singular brand of music that is as anomalous as Ho himself. FRED HO’S LAST YEAR is an illuminating portrait of a unique and distinct artist who is relentlessly raging against the dying of the light.

Synopsis written by: Joel Quizon

Fred Ho’s Last Year – Documentary Feature Trailer: “Rain” from Steven De Castro on Vimeo.

(Coming 2014.) Follow asian american avant garde composer Fred Ho on an amazing year as he leads his orchestra, launches books, and battles cancer. Directed by Steven De Castro. Co-Produced by Anne T. Greene, Kevin Fellezs, and Howard Fischer.

FRED HO’S LAST YEAR is now available for academic license. More information at

or contact Steven De Castro at


4 thoughts on “Attend the L.A. Premiere of Fred Ho’s Last Year at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.”

    1. I will put an announcement on the list for that. I think that there is a good chance that it will screen at a community space in San Fran.

  1. Wonderful, well-done, fascinating film on an extraordinarily multifaceted genius I’d never heard of before attending the screening at the 2014 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. Deserves the Best Documentary award. Wishing the best.

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